Avenged Sevenfold’s Mascot Invades the Carnival in Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy of the Beast’ Mobile GameRead More: Avenged Mascot Invades Maiden’s ‘Legacy of the Beast’ Mobile Game

Iron Maiden continue to welcome some of rock’s biggest names into their video game world, with Avenged Sevenfold being the latest to take part in a Legacy of the Beast in-game collaboration. In fact, a trio of deathbats chosen by the band’s Deathbats Club will now wreak havoc within the carnival backdrop of Maiden’s gameplay.

The deathbats were introduced last night (Oct. 18) during a “Nightmare Carnival Dungeon Event,” and are now able to play within the mobile game. Earlier this year, Avenged’s Deathbats Club held an exclusive contest on their official Deathbats Club Discord channel in which members submitted to have their bats chosen for the game. There were 25 semi-finalists, but only three were eventually turned into the official playable characters.